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Image of our project on Unity Engine


NiceHit is a indie game developper studio made by one person...


Hi! I'm Sylvain Rudolphe, the founder of NiceHit game studio. I'm a french canadian from Quebec in North America. I Studied at N.A.D. center, a game design and cinema animation school located in Montreal, Quebec, and finaly founded my own video game company after (a few years)working in other related and none-related domain. With the growing popularity of platforms like Steam and the indie games comunity I've decided to learn coding and start my first solo project.

-AIFOS is the first project of NiceHit Studio. I'm alone for now, but still have help from some friends who are helping me play-test this Shoot'em up/RPG.

-Personaly, I love retro games from old Atari to SNES but, I also like the new modern triple "A" games too. I dig RPG type games and love most of the other video games type, ranging from frist person shooter, 2D Metroidvania, adventure games, strategy, tactics and platforming... and VR too!

-My first mission as a game develloper is to make every game we produce, ''a fun one'', with good gameplay and an interesting story.

-I'm always open to suggestions and comments. Keep following this page for news and progression on my projects. I'll keep putting up screen shots. Videos will follow also!

Thanks for checking out this page and I can't wait for you to play NiceHit games soon!

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