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AIFOS Features

Here's our first game, the Shoot'em up/RPG game: AIFOS (Alien Invaders From Outher Space).  In this section we talk about the key feetures of this Adventure and Arcade hybrid! (By the way, these screen shots are from the alpha version so it's not final).
There's 3 modes of game-play:

  1. -The RPG mode, where the story flow's. The player can interract with the NPCs and will be able to make choices that change the way you play.

  2. -The Ship Missions mode, where you can make a difference by killing space aliens! (That's the arcade Shoot'em Up part).

  3. -The Hacking Missions, where you have trials in form of "shoot'em up puzzles". You can hack many things. It's up to you to experiment!

You can hack about everythings.

This game take place in a far futur where everything's intelligent... Ok, mabe that's not so far away. Anyway, the protagonist is a millitary pilot but also a prety good hacker! So the player can try to hack any computer, or lock or any device with a CPU, and that include human cybernetic implant! So when you play this game: be sure to hack your way through it!

Space Flight Missions

That's the main action game mode, when you play a "Galaga" style game but with a much more complex shoot'em up system. You gain Experience points to level up and you gain certain amount of "badges" that is given to you for completing the mission by having the best score possible!

Enemy Affinity
There's 3 kind of enemy in the game: Organics, Mechanics and Energy. You can do optimal dammage by shooting them with a weapon that counter their weakness. It's up to you to equip the right kind of weapon before the mission. You know the weapon's counter-affinity by it's projctile color:
- Green = Anti-Organic
- Red = Anit-Mecha
- Blue = Anti-Energy
RPG mode: Character Points

  1. Energy: This is your bio-electricity gauge. It will be used to do some actions that uses effort. The primaly action that needs energy points is hacking. It can be aquired by eating food or by using other items.

  2. Moral: The happiness and psychological health of the player. It change the way NPC interract with you but most impontantly, boost your moral before a dog-fight mission! Many items and actions can make your moral cap to the max! Experiment!

  3. Charisma: It totaly influence the way the NPC see's you. You can gather information (Data points) this way and can unlock other part of the story. Some actions and items can make your charisma points go up!

Buy items... It's fun to shop!


You can find a lot of shops, for any kinds of things. You can go eat at restaurant to. All items give different kind of character points and even Xp if you can have a good deal on something precious!

Classes of Weapons

You can choose between 3 Classes of weapons that you can buy in the RPG mode. Each has different efficiency in combat.

Manual Ship Shield
Sometimes you connot evade enemy's projectiles because there's to much action going on or an attack become imposible to dodge... Fear not! Your ship is equiped with a energy shield that can be activated with the right mouse button. This action can save your life and some enemy moves are made to be blocked with this device. When the shield takes damage, energy is lost (you can see the blue gauge on the right and in the ship info on the left). Be sure to put some skill points on the Defense skill bar when you level up, this way you'll have a tougher shield!
Big Boss
In some missions, you'll have the previlege of killing challenging Boss, while testing your acquired skills. They're tough but they also possesses a weakness that you can exploit. So master your dogfighting skills and be ready to save humanity!
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