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Guided Tour!

AIFOS is a game easy to play but also possess some depts at the same time.
The game will provide clear explanations and tutorials to help you understand the multiple features.
If you find that the mecanics are overwhelming at first, Don't be afraid! Here's a step by step, typical game example that explain the flow of the game.

1-You start in the HQ Ship

The HQ Ship is where you select your missions, sleep, and talk to your team.

2-Talk to Sara for your 1st mission

She's your boss and tells you that you need 1000 data points to unlock the next mission.

3-Get quests for Data pts

There's 2 NPCs with an exclamation point over their heads. Talk to them.

4- The two quests

The police officer wants a donut. We'll buy that! The girl says she doesn't trust us enough. Most of the time we just need more Charisma pts to gain NPCs trust. Lets try that. (the charisma pts are in the top right corner)

5-Go in Shop. Buy Stuff.

We are in a shop. And we use "Tickets" here. Buy a Donut for the cop, gum an mint for Charisma pts, and some food (always good), and let's buy 5 beers, we never know... 

6-Give the Donut

We give the donut (that we did not eat) to the cop. He'll give us info: 250 Data pts.

7-More Charisma

For the woman, we need more charisma. We use the gum and the mint... we now have 3 Charisma pts. Let's see if that's enough.

8-Gain the Woman's trust

Yes! She trust us now. She says that the mining company she's working for has a hard time with the Alien Insects. She gives us 500 Data pts but we need more.

9-There's an Info Boot nearby

We can hack many objects by right-clicking. There is a Info Boot somewhere. We try to hack it to find Data pts, but we need 4 Energy pts (On the top-left corner with the other caracter points.)

10-Eat food for Energy Points

The food we've bought gives us Energy Pts and Moral pts (but we don't need that now). So we use the Candy Bar and the Beef Jerky.

11-Enter Hacking Mode

We have enough Energy points to hack. Some objects are protected by a defence system. In this case (like this one) you are entering the Hacking Mode.

12-You must succeed the hack

The hacking mode is part action part puzzle. You have a "Ship" at the bottom that can shoot projectiles. In this puzzle you must set the correct combination of switchs, by shooting them, while dodging enemy fire that remove time on your timer. You run out, you fail.

13-We have the Data!

We have enough Data points for Sara to search for a mission objective. Let's beam to the ship... But before that let see if there's something else to see in town.

14-Let's buy weapons

We found a weapon shop for our space ship. There is 3 class of Weapons and each has a "type". Somewhat like Elemental attacks, each ''Element'' affects a type enemy. You buy Weapons with "Credits" that you gain during missions or by selling Crystals.

15-Equip your ship

After talking to Sara and had our briefing, we go to the hangar to see Robin (our Technician) and we equip the weapon we just bought. The weapon class we got is "Wide": the multi-directionnal gun. We always have the three class available in combat.

16-Select your Mission

You enter the mission room (note that you cannot enter if you have alcool in your blood or are too tired). You can now select the unlocked mission. You can replay every missions. There are 4 missions per chapter plus one bonus. Can you unlock it?

17-Kill all enemies.

The combat system is deep enough but simple at the same time. You have to kill all Aliens to change waves. The movements are "Galaga style" (at the bottom of the screen). You can shoot, switch guns, block with a shield, and use a special hability. 

18-Use the right gun!

You have 3 types of enemies and guns to kill them with.
1-The Bio ones (use the Green projectiles)
2-The Mecha ones (use the Red projectiles)
3-The Energy ones (use the Blue projectile)
The correct type of weapons doubles the damage!

19-Kill the Boss

The final mission of each chapiters has a challenging Big Boss. Remember, there's 3 Class of weapons to select. When you use them at the right time you will get a better score and it'll refill your "Special" gauge for your special moves.

20-Get your Badges

At the end of the stage, you receive additionnal Score Points (Top Right of the screen, it's not the Xp Points). If you score high enough, you can have up to 3 badges for each missions.

21-Grade Up

You have now enough Badges to gain a new "Grade". Grades can give you better "Tickets" pay, that you receive every day.

22-Add Skills

We gained 2 Levels in our missions. We gain XP by killing Aliens. Levels give you Skill Points that you can use in different skill bars. Let's say we put one in "Weapon" -For higher damage, and "Luck" -For criticals and other effects.

23-Passtime Activity

We go back to our room. We want to sleep to skip a day but there's no time in this game. You have to add "Fatigue". One way to do that is to do activities. Here we have a pack of cards. We can play and the Fatigue goes up by 1 (If you are lucky you can have bonus this way).

24-Have a drink!

Let's drink the beers we bough. It rises your Alcohol Level but also your Fatigue. They reset when you sleep. So if you drank, sleep before going on a mission. If you are drunk, NPCs react differently with you. It can be funny, bad or good in some cases.

25- A new day!

Now we can sleep and we wake up having a daily pay of Tickets that you can use for buying Usable Items, eat at Restaurants, go to a Theater, etc. Use them wisely!

A little bit of story...

So that was an exemple of a normal game. But just like other RPGs, there's a story with dialogues, multiple protagonists, bad guys, and a mysterious Alien technology.  The main character: Kyle, is having weird dreams about a strange feminine entity, and he thinks it has something to do with the return of the Alien Invaders From Outer Spaces, an insect species that was destroyed during the last Invaders War.
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